"Chief" at 4 mths old and 7 years old with a friend. Owned & Loved by the Rivera Family.


                                                                    "TanGo"  Owned & Loved By Moe Omoth                                                  "Spencer"


 KK's & Celyn's Perfect Tyme

Owned and Loved by Bill Wible

Celyn's Take A Chance

           12 weeks old.                                            7 months old.                                           10 months old.              


"Chance" beautifully presented by Judy Bjelland.

 Bred By Celyn, owned and loved by Mrs. Edna Childres

Celyn's My Java Boy "Cofe"


Presentation and Handling by "Shirley Sanders"

6 weeks old         9 weeks old                1st Point                     10 Months of Age 10-27-05


Bred By Dr Doug & Becky Tippitt & Celyn Van Leeuwen

Owned and Loved by Mr. & Mrs. Eldrige Goings of PA.