Ch. Celyn's & Nan's Southern Trademark       

                              Celyn's & Nan's Laurel Delight X Ch.Dewcastle's Cutting Edge

                                                                                               Bred & Loved by: Celyn's Cockers                                       

                                                 4PT Major May 2008     4PT Major Dec 2008

                        Judge: Mrs. Noreen Cartwright      Judge:Mr Stephen F Hurt  W/BW


                                        Finished January 3, 2009


                                           Judge: Mr Bud Didonato  W/OS


                        From this little Autumn Delight to the Charming Boy he became!


                                  12 days           ----         12 weeks                    

                                              Call name of Tigger The Tiger, it is all about Tigger! Bouncy, happy perpetually the puppy!

Shown and                                   Entered in a few select Bred By Classes. Handled exclusively by the Magic of Shirley Sanders.