Ch Celyn's Gracious Faith

                                 "Faith" Finishes to her Championship with her 3rd Major!

                               Shown entirely in the Bred By Class. Handled exclusively by her

                                               Co owner / Co Breeder, Shirley Sanders.

                                                             Faith is a Gracious Lady. clipart/lb1cl1a.gif

                           Always consistent in her movement, Temperament & Sweet Attitude.

                                                    She is a pleasure to watch and be with.


                                                                                        Faith wins the San Diego 2008 Specialty for her 2nd Major!

                                                                                 Best Bred By / BOS  Judge: Nancy Liebes


                               May 12, 2007 Judge: Col. Jerry H. Weiss                          1st Major July 22, 2007 Judge: Mr. Joe C. Tacker


                                                  May 13, 2007 Judge: Mrs. Linda M. Riedel   3rd Major March 16, 2008 Judge: Mr McDonnald

                    Huge Thank you to all the wonderful Judges and their many Compliments on this Beautiful Girl!